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"Its not to dramatic to say that Theraplayy Associates completely changed the course of my daughter's life. They are more than experts in their field, they have a unique way of making the therapy so enjoyable that my daughter wants to come, not realizing the work component involved.

They "push" at the right pace to maximize results. My daughter has participated in her own "rescue", but without Lori Gross and Karen Fisher's diligence, compassion and genius, none of it would have been possible!""

Jeff VanGundy

"Through play, both Lori Gross and Karen Fisher provided my children, beginning at early ages, with the tools they needed to thrive as they developed and matured. Starting high school in the fall, my oldest daughter works hard to succeed in academics, and has found a passion for the performing arts and music.

My other daughter, currently in middle school, has also enjoyed academic success, and spends her extracurricular time engaging in volleyball, guitar, singing, theater, tennis and dance. They are both fortunate to have found good and loyal groups of friends. I will remain forever grateful for the love, attention and expertise provided by these very caring and knowledgeable professionals."

Elisha Selzer

"Fayth is our six year old daughter. Throughout her life, Fayth has learned differently. In January 2009 luckily we discovered Theraplayy. Karen Fisher did Fayth's intake evaluation. Karen recommended Melissa Zilich as a perfect choice. Immediately, we started working with Melissa. In every amazing way, Melissa was a perfect fit for Fayth. Fayth quickly bonded with Melissa. Melissa has that gift...bringing a child into her fold. Thursday became a special day for Fayth because it included time with Melissa. Each activity that Melissa introduced to Fayth was a perfect match, both for her needs and for her enjoyment.

Besides the importance of Melissa's approach for Fayth, Melissa rewarded us with the perfect amount of attention and focus. She always explained her learning objectives and we regularly checked her goals against her progress. Her focus included both Fayth and us, Fayth's parents. Melissa happily discussed every concern we had for Fayth. Often, we emailed her about Fayth's progress in school or to share Fayth's challenges and struggles. Routinely, Melissa provided ideas and feedback to help Fayth. Over and above the routine, Melissa visited Fayth in school to help the teachers understand Fayth. She was instrumental in giving the teachers tools to help Fayth in her classroom. Her contributions have been irreplaceable. Melissa Zilich occupies a special place at the top of the Occupational Therapy world. She possesses every tool and is blessed with every talent. I recommend her to anyone looking for the best OT.

She made a big difference in our life and she gave wonderful strengths to our little girl."

Nina and Steve Neish